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Welcome to Photo Styling Background

We are a small Danish family run business that specializes in creating stunning photo styling backgrounds, that elevate your product and food photography. Our photo backgrounds are a must-have for anyone working with styling and photography, whether you are working as product photographers, food bloggers, Youtubers or with magazines, food books, blogs, and of course, Instagram.

The creative force behind Photo Styling Background, Susy Grundahl works as a photographer for many well known Danish brands. She knows exactly what is required of a good photo background. She has also been painting for well over half a decade so she is able to capture the quintessence of a good photo background in the photo styling backgrounds she paints in her own studio in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Susy Grundahl photo styling kitchenware on poster background

Selecting a photo background to go with the subject of the photograph makes a big difference in the final result, with the right choice, the photo background can create the desired expression and feeling intended.

Susy place great emphasis on gaining depth and structure in her painted backgrounds, producing the desired colors in the best way. Whatever be your goal, we are confident that we have a photo styling background just for the creative expression you seek.

How Photo Styling Backgrounds are created

Susy Grundahl paints the originals of all her photo styling backgrounds in her home studio in Esbjerg, Denmark. The background is painted with acrylic paint on a plate. The photo background is then photographed professionally in extremely high resolution so that all depth, structure and details are captured appropriately. This file is then sent to a network of professional print shops all over the world which print the photos to order, in the best quality available – a minimum of 300 dpi.

Once you place your order, the photo backgrounds are printed and wrapped in recycled paper. The posters are then carefully packaged in a reinforced, recycled cardboard box, which makes them easy to store and transport to a photoshoot.

We use Japanese museum grade posters made of thick and durable matte paper. The posters are made to be used and reused – they can be rolled up and rolled out flat and can also be cleaned easily. Currently the sizes on offer are 61 x 91 cm (24 x 36 inches).

3 ways to style our Posters

There are so many options to create your very own completely personal expression with photo styling backgrounds. The photo styling posters can be used in several different ways, whether the subject is being shot from above, from the front or whether you choose to unroll the poster so that it becomes the surface below the subject as well as the background in the shot.

Choosing the right Photo Styling Background

If you style and present your own products on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, or website, I recommend choosing 3 complementary photo backgrounds. This is also why we offer free shipping on orders of 3 or more posters. These posters can be used separately, and they can also be used together. Now you can achieve a uniform expression of your style in all your food and product shots.

If you work as a photographer for different brands, it is important to have several different photo backgrounds so that you can best capture your customer's style and expression.

Read more about the different backgrounds and the choice of colors and mood.

About Susy Grundahl

Susy Grundahl is an artist, painter and photographer and usually working as a visual artist. In her role as a photographer and cookbook author, she was having trouble finding good photo backgrounds. So with her decades of experience painting, she went to her studio and painted them herself. That was the beginning of Photo Styling background.

It quickly turned out that there were many product photographers photographers, magazine editors and food bloggers who also had the same problem and wanted backgrounds with the appropriate structure and character. They requested I create prints and artwork for their own use.

So in 2017, she opened Photo Styling Background with a collection of photo styling posters that we are now able to send out to customers all over the world!

New Posters

Thanks to her son Richard and his friend Danny, now spends most of her time creating new photo styling backgrounds on an ongoing basis. You are welcome to sign up to our newsletter and be notified directly when there are new photo backgrounds added to our collections.

Also get inspiration and photo styling tips on our brand new YouTube channel!

Susy Grundahl photo styling kitchenware using photo poster

Special Requests for Susy Grundahl

If you have any special requests, be it for a special photo styling background, work of art, photography for food or a product, you are always welcome to write to Susy at

Happy Styling :)