A BIG poster - SAND 90x120 cm

499,00 kr

Every backdrop is a hand-painted work of art printed onto quality matte paper. The colours and textures of the backdrops are designed to bring richness to each photo while drawing the focus to the photo’s subject.

You can experiment with positioning and arrangement of the backdrops in a bunch of different ways to bring out something personal and unique in each photo.

You can place objects in front of the posters and shoot straight on, use the posters as a surface to place objects on and shoot from above, or even attach the backdrop to a wall, letting it roll onto the ground so that it acts as background and surface at the same time.

The posters’ appearance will also change vastly depending on distance to subject, camera aperture and post-editing.

We ship backdrops rolled up inside a cylinder making it easy to store or transport.

Tip: Create your own photo-studio by purchasing a standard MDF board that you can attach your backdrop to. It preserves the backdrop and enables easier use.

Special wishes: We produce unique hand painted backdrops for print, but also for direct client purchase. If you have any specific wishes, you are always welcome to contact us or drop by the studio.

SAVE 20% when you purchase 3 posters or more. Use the discount code "20%" at checkout.

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