A good photostyling background is an important tool for shooting food-, product or portrait photography. Anyone who shoots images for books, magazines or social media will benefit hugely from a good photostyling background.

Armed with a photostyling background you will be able to work from anywhere — in your studio, in your home or on photo assignments — where ever they might take place.

Printed Posters

Our posters are painted with acrylic paints, after which they are printed unto thick sheets of quality paper with a semi-matt surface.

'Walls' is a NEW series of printed posters from photos.

Selected posters are also available in BIG (120x90cm)

The posters are our most economical backgrounds — and they are also the easiest to store at home and to transport.

Unique productions on Boards

These Unique Productions are painted with fine acrylic paints onto medium-density fibreboard plates.

Each is painted in many layers to create the best possible structure and deep a sense of levels in the image — bringing the most amount of emphasis to its subject.

Unique productions on Canvas

These Unique Productions are painted with fine acrylic paints onto large sheets of canvas.

They come delivered with string and clips that make them easy to use in a number of ways right out of the box.

Hi, my name is Susy Grundahl

I am a writer, artist and founder of this project.

As a producer of visual books on food and health, I know first-hand how important it is to have great photostyling backgrounds available. When I myself couldn't find any to buy, I went into my studio and produced what I needed — a series of backdrops designed for food-, product- and portrait-photography. That was the beginning that led to this project.

I often do workshops for people that want to get better at shooting food and product photographs.

If you are firm or a shop that wants to improve your visual profile, then feel free to reach out!

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