Selecting the perfect white paint for your space

Okay, let’s talk paint. Seemingly simple, selecting the perfect white paint for your space can often feel super overwhelming. I posted a photo on my IG stories last week with several different white paint options searching for the dream white for an exciting project we’ve been working on. I was FLOORED by the amount of DMs I received – y’all were dying to chat about my favourite white paint colour, and many of you were surprised there were so many variations of white. Let me tell ya, white paint is so much more than “white paint.”

Story time: I come from four generations of painters — yup, this passion for transforming spaces is, apparently, genetic. My great grandfather was a painter back in Scotland, my grandfather started a painting company in the GTA when he came to Canada, my dad took over that company when he retired, and in recent years, my brother has been at the helm.

While I always appreciate thoughtful use of colour, white paint is unparalleled when it comes to brightening up a space. When staging, it’s the only colour I’ll recommend to my clients for adding an instantly-fresh feel to their home. 

But, listen – like I said, white paint isn’t just “white paint.” Every white has it’s own unique undertones that can totally impact the vibe of a room overall. Don’t believe me? Try laying out a bunch of different “white,” swatches and you’ll be shocked by the variations. Temperature (cool, warm) and undertones (blue, grey, pink, yellow…) will factor in to how the white will look on your wall, but it doesn’t end there – the space itself can play a major role. Take into account things like how much natural light the space gets, the views out the window, flooring, built-in fixtures, furnishings and artwork, all influence your white paint’s final form.

There are so many amazing paint brands out there to choose from, but I’m partial to Benjamin Moore because the quality is great and it’s easy to access here in Toronto. My top white paints are what I would call a neutral white (meaning there are no obvious undertones) and read slightly on the warm side. Wanna see?

Oxford White CC-30

Simply White OC-17

When it comes to trim, I tend to use the same white as the walls, but might switch up the sheen depending on the space.

Yes, this is basically a love letter to white paint — it’s one of my absolute favourite colours to work with! Maybe because of the way it really allows the furnishings and decor to stand out, and works perfectly in a staging environment. Staging your home with white walls will allow the potential buyer to experience a bright space with a neutral feel — a clean slate they can envision themselves in, and won’t need to worry about painting over.

Still feeling stumped about selecting the perfect white paint for your space? I’m always game to brainstorm a decor vision. Drop me a line!


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