Blending business & happiness

Owning a business can feel all-consuming, at best – and the idea of blending business and happiness often feels out of reach. I realized recently that my entire identity has been wrapped around being a business owner, to a level that just… isn’t healthy. Can you relate?

While I take great pride in my business and its successes, I also recognize the value in figuring out who the heck I am, outside of it.

Any entrepreneur will tell you: it can be a gruesome path. At one point or another, you will eat, sleep, and breathe your business. This is especially true in the beginning stages, and tends to rear its ugly head during major growth spurts. I’ve definitely experienced this over the years and now, on the heels of a period of significant scaling — I’m waking up to the fact that Re:Creative was taking over my life in a way I’ve never experienced before.

My business may have been thriving over the last few months, but internally, I’ve been feeling the opposite. I’m super thankful to have a business that was able to survive an unprecedented year, when I know so many others have had to close their doors, but it hasn’t been without challenges. The stress of running, and growing, a business amidst the 2020 madness has taken a major toll on my physical and mental health.

I’ve been reflecting, in a big way, and focusing on getting clear on what “success” means for me, while journaling about what brings me happiness and fulfillment *outside of the business*. Have you tried it? Highly recommend.

Success and happiness look different for everyone and this is not a practice in judging yourself, but a practice in being HONEST about your needs and desires, when it comes to living a full life. If we work so hard but can’t, with certainty, say we’re happy – what is it all for?

Here’s what I’ve learned through a few weeks of reflections:

1. Make self-care a priority. This can mean different things on different days, and can adjust based on my schedule. On busier days, it can be as simple as lighting my favourite candle in my office while I work. Yes, something that simple can have a massive impact.

2. Find a hobby. This was a major game changer for me! I love creating so I decided to take a virtual art class. Every Tuesday from 12 pm to 2 pm (yup right smack in the middle of a WORK day — WILD, right?!), I paint. Let me tell you – it feels SO damn good! 

3. Explore new places. Yes, Covid poses a challenge, but this can still be accomplished close to home. Spending some time each month to discover a new hiking trail, a drive in the country, a walk in a different neighbourhood, visiting a small town or popping by that cool new coffee shop across town, have all offered me renewed joy and inspiration.

These might sound like small changes, but my life feels different. These shifts have had an impact on the way I show up in my business and in my relationships with those around me. Not only am I happier but I’m more present (and pleasant), more motivated, and can make better business decisions, because my head is finally clear.

What have you been doing to seek out happiness in your day-to-day and disconnect yourself from that not-so-healthy business attachment?

I’d love to hear how you’ve been blending business and happiness.

Drop me a line to chat about your own tips and tricks!


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